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Advanced Presentation Skills

Date:2010-08-09 11:22:19 Data:1387

Customer Background: A French company in China, one of the world's leading chemical production enterprises. Headquartered in Shanghai, is committed to the China area include product introduction and promotion, financial, administrative, IT technical support and corporate communications and other professional services. It created since 2004, when Total recombinant chemical engineering departments and derived from vinyl products, industrial chemicals and special chemicals.

Program: Advanced Presentation Skills


Duration: 2day


Language: English


Participants: 10 salesmen and IT staff


Course Background: The IT staff and salesmen need to present their products to customers. Sometimes they need to present it to their French boss in English. How to present clearly and logically is their biggest challenge in the presentation. In addition to the language barrier, with a simple PPT demo, they also need to focus on enhancing the content in the course of two days. Their boss expects students to be more self-confident as well as answer questions properly.


Course Objectives:

·         Assist participants to develop specific communication skills, to enable them to improve their credibility and gain support and commitment from others.

·         Introduce powerful and flexible tools for use by both individuals and teams within the organization, whatever their previous experience or circumstances.

·         Enable participants to become more effective in their roles by developing a wide range of influencing skills and techniques.

·         Focus on key issues and challenges relating to effective and ethical influence.


Pre-course Preparation:

Each student has to take pre-course survey and 1/3 students requested conference view one week before the training. Meanwhile, 1/3 students requested to provide 2-3 samples that they always present at their workplace.


Training Methods:

Each student has an opportunity to present on the stage for 2 or 3 times formally and it all delivered with video taking, on-site presentation and feedback is given by the trainer and colleagues after each session. Students will see their improvement through the second video presentation.


Students Feedback:

The 2 day training was very interactive. I really improved a lot during these two day training. I can see my improvements of presentation as well as PPT design.