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Global Awareness

Date:2010-03-30 13:20:21 Data:1277

Customer Background: One of the world's top 500 American Companies, it is the world's leading technology, service and finance company. Continuous innovation in energy, health, transportation and infrastructure and other fields to create more Wonderfull Life, promoting leadership training, partners, the progress of human. Customers in over 100 countries worldwide, with about 300000 employees.

Program: Global Awareness

Participant: 16 Senior managers are from different countries in the world.

Course Background: This course is one part of the global series and focused on Chinese culture as well as Global.


Course Preparation

The customer expected that every student could enjoy the training. Vcareer combined Global and Chinese Culture. Vcareer provided few solutions for the customer to evaluate and adjust to finalize the best solution.


Training Methods

Role Play, Case Study, Sharing and Brain Storming.......


Course Feedback:

The training of Students who are from different cultural backgrounds has been very positive. We are very satisfied with the course outcomes.