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Effective Business Writing

Date:2009-12-16 14:18:47 Data:1170

Customer Background: An U.S. Fortune 500 company, it is a world's leading technology, services and finance company with energy, health, transportation and infrastructure so that continuous innovation to create a better life to promote leadership development, partnerships and human progress. This customer is in more than 100 countries worldwide with more than 300,000 employees.

Training Topic: Effective Business Writing

Participants: the students who need to enhance their capacity of Business Writing Skills

Course Background: 

English email communication is very important in a large Global U.S. company.  Non-standard expression often arise inappropriate tone, cross-cultural taboos caused ambiguity and controversy. The customer is willing to have a professional training to help them improve their business writing and communication skills.


Pre-course preparation:

Core Academy teachers and corporate leaders conducted in-depth exchanges, according to the results to be achieved and norms , conduct targeted curriculum development , and participants were interviewed about their usual writing habits and problems encountered in the course of preparation to various examples of trainees as material for case choreography


Teaching methods:

Professional lectures, case studies, situational exercises with role play.


Students Feedback:

" I have a better idea of writing emails through the training. I like the case study the most, it is really customized and useful"

" Business email template is very useful and helpful and I can see the trainer has well prepared! "