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Whole Year Training Solution

Date:2012-04-05 16:15:41 Data:1546

Customer Background: The client is a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company with research and development, production and sales. The research and development in the prescription drug in particular has a leading position in the field of biological pharmacy.

Programs:Advanced Presentation, Communication, Negotiation, Making PPT, Business Email Writing and Influencing Skills

LanguageEnglish and Chinese

Delivery CitiesShanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

Training Background:

The annual training planned made based on the survey result. It delivers different topics in every two months in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Pre-course Preparation:

Vcareer understands training organizers’expectations and demands through interviews and telephone conference. Each course required to do the pre-course survey 3 weeks before the training. The trainer of Vcareer will do a comprehensive pre training survey to maximize the course outcomes according to the specific needs.

Customer Feedback

We always trust Vcareer and it is our long-term cooperate training vendor. We are very pleased with the program that Vcareer provided and very impressed with their professional trainers.