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International Business Etiquette and Communication

Date:2013-07-12 15:13:46 Data:1835

Customer Background: It is a group as a China's largest offshore oil and gas producer. It is also one of the world's largest independent oil and gas exploration and production group, one of the main business for the exploration, development, production and sales of oil and gas. It has four major oil-producing areas: bohai bay, the south China sea, the east and west and the south China sea in the east China sea. It is one of Indonesia's largest producers of crude oil, at the same time, the group is also in places like Africa and Australia have part of the upstream assets.


Training Topic: International Business Etiquette and Communication



Employees who work in Africa or the Middle East, which includes Iran, Burma, and Kenya from international department, sales department, engineering, oilfield technology center, downhole tools and oilfield company employees.


Course Background:

In order to help the staff who are going to work in Africa or the Middle East countries to have better understanding of the local habits and customs. The client wants to have two days International Business Etiquette and Communication which includes self-image, telephone etiquette etc.


Teaching methods:

Contents100% customization by Vcareer

Stylesmall group discussion, role play and course delivery.