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Date:2013-09-16 11:11:54 Data:1219

Customer BackgroundAn American car company founded in 1903. It is the fourth largest industrial enterprise and the second car and truck manufacturers in the world. It has about 360,000 workers around the world to serve the automotive, agriculture, finance and communications. Operating ranges including electronics, glass, plastics, auto parts, space technology, satellite communications, defence engineering, foundation development, equipment leasing and car rental. It has three strategic business units - Automotive Group, the Group diversified products and financial services (financial companies).


Training Topic: Train the Trainer


Training City:Shanghai and Nanjing


Training Language: English


Course Background

This training material is provided by the customer and Vcareer needs to provide the proper trainer.


Pre-course Preparation

The trainer has to be very qualified and experienced to pass the interview. The trainer will try understanding the expectation from the customer and it finalized a two day program.


Training delivery

Each student has an opportunity to present on the stage for 2 or 3 times formally and it all delivered with video taking, on-site presentation and feedback is given by the trainer and colleagues after each session. Students will see their improvement through the second video presentation.


Course Feedback

“I like the training very much, it is very interactive and interesting. ”