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Date:2013-08-15 13:02:17 Data:1815

Customer Background: A consumer Products Company located in Yangzhou, established in 2000. It is a wholly owned subsidiary leading global consumer products leader in the United States. Since its inception, they have used selected high-quality raw materials. The collection of its global R & D strength has become the world's largest production base of the toothbrush after ten years of its development. It is becoming China toothbrush market leader in continued healthy commitment for Chinese families.


Training Topic: Trainer the Trainer


Participants: Internal Trainers


Pre-course Survey:

Vcareer provides a customized pre-course survey. The trainer interviews 1/3 of the students through conference calls one week before the training and requires the students to give 2 or 3 presentation ppt samples for better customization.


Training Style:

Each student has an opportunity to present on the stage for 2 or 3 times formally and it all delivered with video taking, on-site presentation and feedback is given by the trainer and colleagues after each session. Students will see their improvement through the second video presentation.


Course Feedback:

The trainer of Vcareer is very experienced and each student particularly enjoyed learning exercises. Curriculum design is very logical and clear. The course really helped students to get better prepared with their presentation.