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Date:2012-11-16 12:48:17 Data:1512

Customer Background: A world's largest human resource management consulting agency. It is the world's most widely distributed human resource management consulting organization , with more than 13,000 employees in 150 cities in 41 countries and regions. Consultants follow global standards and they provide human resources for clients around the world as well as wages and benefits investment advisory program.


Training Topic: Project Management


Language: English


Training Location: Hong Kong


Training Duration: 2 days


Pre-training Preparation:

Understanding of the training expectations and requirements through a specialized training survey by Vcareer. The survey targets challenges in project management and helps to maximize the training result  to meet the requirements of the organization and the participants.


Training Methods:

Case studies, role-play, games and group discussions etc.


Course Feedback:

" The trainer of Vcareer was really professional and experienced. I learnt a lot of tools of Project Management and I am willing to use the tools that I learnt."

" The trainer was very passionate with training, his training style was highly interactive and I found the training was very useful. "