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Inter Departmental Cooperation and Conflict Management

Date:2013-12-10 00:00:00 Data:1458

Customer Background: A well-known Life Insurance Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, with a registered capital of 57.05 billion, its current business scope covers more than 20 major provinces and cities. It is customer demand-oriented, through differentiated business strategies, product innovation advantages and diversification of sales channels that provide for children's education, retirement planning, family security and wealth management, the four major needs of financial protection and wealth planning. Provision is made for personalized insurance tailored solutions to satisfy the increased diversification in customer demand.


Training Topic: Inter Departmental Cooperation and Conflict Management



They are from human resources, operations support, Ag department, legal compliance, business process optimization and the customer service department.


Duration: 1 Day



A preliminary understanding of expectations and requirements of the organization of training is to be achieved through the pre-class specialized research aimed at understanding the student needs. This includes cross sector collaboration and challenges encountered when a conflict occurs. The comprehensive integration of organizational expectations as well as students’ expectation of the curriculum aims to maximize revenue so as to meet the requirements of the organization and students.


Content: industry case customization; structure; information rich and strong logic;


Training Methods: explanation, case analysis, video, discussion, group work, Communication style and testing;


Training Style: interactive, practical, strong operability, on site guide, inspiring change;