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Business coaching aims to bring a lasting effect in improving employee performance and thus benefits the enterprise through coaching for businesses and employees. Business coaching is the best way to improve the leadership of the managers, so that they will have good coaching skills, express their expectations to employees clearly, maintain a healthy relationship within the team, and establish a highly-efficient team with strong capability.

Vcareer Institute can provide executive coaching and in-house coaching and training.

Executive Coaching is particularly helpful for executives who would like to gain clarity of business challenges, increase their self-confidence and maximize their potential to become better professionals, leaders, and individuals. Vcareer Executive Coaching is a comprehensive and tailored-made coaching service delivered to executives exactly when, where and how they want it - targeted in the way the individual learns best. The executives will enhance their specific skills, knowledge, and especially self awareness to help them drive change and achieve required business outcomes. We help executives see issues from a different perspective and solve problems creatively and effectively. Our Coaching is conducted one-to-one in a highly confidential environment.

In-house coaching training aims to build an internal coaching team inside the enterprise, use the coaching skills in daily management practices, and finally form a coaching style corporate culture through customized training programs.