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There are a variety of problems in team cooperation and management for the run-in period team or the long-term cooperation team. Despite the problems and conflicts in all teams, effective teams have the same rules to follow. With so many years of practical experience, Vcareer Institute can dig out the crux of the problems and develop an apt solution to help the corporation make the best use of personal talents and leadership, and organize the most effective team and create a better vision.


Team Management
> Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors
> Management Skills for Managers
> Cross-Cultural Team Management
> Trans-department Cooperation and Team Management
> Highly Effective Execution
> Highly Effective Self and Team Management
> From Technical Expertise to Management
> Delegation Planning and Management
> Personnel and Performance Management
> Manager’s Communication Psychology
> Project Management
> Organization Psychology
> Team Building
> Enterprise Coaching Skills
> 80/90s Management


> Strategy/Organization/Thinking
> Leadership Factors
> Non-authoritative leadership
> Creative Thinking
> Change Management
> Strategic Management
> Organizational Behavior