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Vcareer Institute professional capability development programs are designed to have special training and coaching for professional talent, to increase the competitiveness of the corporation and the staff. These series of courses contain enormous specific case studies to develop the most required professional skills.


Sales Management
> Professional Selling Skills
> SPIN Consultative Selling Skills
> High Performance Selling Skills
> Effective Client Development and Management
> Competitive Sales Skills
> Key Account Sales Strategy
> Effective Tele-sales Skills
> Excellent Sales and Presentation Skills
> Strategic Sales Negotiation
> Powerful Negotiation Skills
> Sales Stress Management
> Time and Project Management for Salesman
> Sales Team Performance Management
> Sales Marketing Management


Professional Customer Service Management
> Professional Customer Service
> Advanced Customer Service Leadership
> Customer Service Etiquette
> Highly Effective Communication with Excellent Customer Service
> Employee and Customer Behavioral Decision n Psychical Research


HR Management and Talent Management
> Recruiting and Interviewing Skills
> Performance and Growth Coaching
> Performance Coaching Skills
> Advanced Train the Trainer
> Career Planning


Administration Management
> Multinational Secretarial Skills (EN)
> Practical Secretarial Skills (CN)


Media Relations
> Media Interview & Public Speaking Skills
> Crisis Communication and Risk Control
> Planning and Management of Media Events
> News Spokesman Training
> Media Relations and Interview Skills
> Advanced Reputation Management