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10 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Hours !


Your lunch hour is your chance to get refocused, reenergized, and refueled for the rest of your day. Successful people treat it like the half-time show at a football game  an opportunity to regroup and consider how theyre going to play out the rest of their day.

The most successful people dont spend their lunch hour at their desk. They use that time to do things like meet new people, exercise, and read.

Here are 10 things successful people do during their lunch hours:

1. They plan their day with lunch in mind. They never schedule important meetings or conference calls right at lunchtime, and they typically block off at least 10 minutes of free time after lunch to reassess their goals for the day and shift priorities around, Kerr says.

2. They network. Try and set a goal to have lunch with a different person in your office or network at least once a week. You are guaranteed to learn something new about your organization or industry, and may even make some new mentors and friends in the process.

3. They get organized. Take advantage of this short break from work by making a to-do list for your personal life  or even to cross a few items off that list. Feeling like things are in control and organized in your life outside of work will free up mental energy and reduce stress levels to perform better professionally.

4. They take the time to eat. They eat healthy, and eat mindfully. Not being mindful leads to poor dietary choices such as eating too fast or eating junk food, which not only affects your health in the long run, but also affects your stress level and ability to focus in the afternoon.

5. They reflect on their morning. Lunch is the ideal time to evaluate the progress youve made. If you have had a difficult morning, then remind yourself that you can hit the reset button over lunch and head into the afternoon with a positive attitude.

6. They read. Successful people dont spend their lunch hour reading emails and reports. They catch up on newspapers, blogs, and books.

7. They accomplish personal tasks. Successful people might run errands during their lunch hour, which they would not otherwise be able to take care of during the day. They also use this time to make personal calls, schedule appointments, write thank you notes, and achieve any other tasks from their personal to-do list.

8. They unplug and recharge. Use your lunch hour to recharge by shutting off electronics and enjoying some peace and quiet.

9. They spend time on career planning. During your lunch hour, take a few minutes to think about and write down what you want your professional future to look like, Kurow says. "Successful people rarely have time in the office to do this. Take a notebook, and find a place to journal your thoughts."

10. They brainstorm. Successful people use this time to dream of new concepts, ideas, and solutions that can be applied to their professional and/or personal lives.