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Who is Your Biggest Supports in Life ?


There’re many ups and downs in life. You know without the ones who always support you, life’d have been a lot harder. Who’s your biggest supporter in life? Share with all our readers.

Abayomi Jegede

My Dad. I lost my mom at age 10, so it’s been my dad all through. He’s very supportive and one thing I love the most about him is he gives you liberty to pursue your own dreams and follow your heart. He gives very wise counsels to myself and my siblings.

Jeremy Ng

My biggest supporter has been myself. Not trying to be narcissistic, just trying to be real. No one has been with me through my struggles, even when I try to open myself up.

Sometimes when you just don’t have the people around you no matter how hard you try, you just got to find it in yourself to keep going. Because in the end, you are the master of your own fate. You are the captain of your soul. Take charge of your life. If someone comes along, great. If no one does, there’s no excuse either not to be moving forward.

Ideally, I’d still like to have someone. I still want to achieve greatness and make someone proud because of it. And then I will have this to say to him or her. "Thanks for seeing this through with me. I couldn’t have done it without you."

Allison Mandel

My biggest supporter in life is my mom. She is the absolute best. She is the most trustworthy, honest, and reliable friend. She talks me through everything, picks me up when I am down, loves me even at my worst, and genuinely enjoys seeing me at my happiest. She supports all of my endeavors (Even the ones she wouldn’t want to do herself!) and always has my best interest in mind. And she makes me laugh! Who could ask for anything more? My mom taught me what unconditional love is– something that I am lucky and grateful for– something that I hope to one day have with a future child of my own.

Eva Lantsoght

My mom – she has always been the one to drive me around as a child to all my activities, the one to come to every single concert I played, the one to read every single blog post that I write, the one to visit me in far-flung places where I’ve live (taking herself far out of her comfort zone), and the one to come and take care of me when I’m sick. She’s an amazing woman!

Chris Haigh

My family and myself, for different reasons; my family have always been there for me, supporting through catastrophic events and celebrations alike and I love them more than I can ever express for that, and I myself have always been a proponent of going after what I want, even if it takes me a while to either figure out what I want, or how to get there, or getting there at all. If that makes sense.

Ariel C. Williams

My biggest supporters are a dynamic set of like-minded individuals: my friends. And this is not to say that my family isn’t, but I’ve been blessed with friends – some closer than others – who understand and encourage me in ways family has not. Aside from them, close strangers (if that makes sense) that I’ve connected with over the internet have swapped support of me for years.